Learn How To Become A Peer Leader

Becoming a Peer Leader

Our QTAC-NY trainers have more than 10 years of experience delivering evidence-based program trainings and serve as Statewide and National Trainers for many of the programs we promote. Our trainers offer dynamic, interactive program demonstrations in small group settings that prepare you to deliver each program with confidence, quality, and fidelity to the curriculum. We offer additional training programs that assist your organization in the implementation, management and evaluation of your programs and continue to support our trainees with ongoing technical support as they begin to deliver their programs an build their skills.

See a description of our training programs below.

Training Calendar

Training are posted to our Training Calendar as they are available.

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[Being a Peer Leader] is about giving people the skills they need so that they can take charge of their wellness.

Peer Leader

Where are trainings held?

At our location

QTAC-NY is located within the Center for Excellence in Aging and Community Wellness, a part of The School of Social Welfare on the Downtown Campus at The University at Albany. Our Albany offices can be reached easily by rail via the Rensselaer Rail Station, Albany International Airport, or by car. An updated list of hotel accommodations will be sent with your training reservations, or you can use the University listings. If you need a limited number of staff/volunteers trained accessing a QTAC-NY training might make sense for you. We conduct trainings in many of the programs we promote throughout the year.

Hosted at your location

We can also come to you! Our staff can come to your location to host a Master Trainer or Peer Leader training. If you have a sizeable staff needing training or if you have a group of networked partners willing to share the costs of the training this can be a cost effective way to get the training you need in your community. Trainings are in high demand so please provide us with as much lead time as possible. To begin this process please complete the Training Request Form.  For more information please call QTAC-NY 877-496-2780 or email us at

Training Programs

Stanford Self-Management Programs

QTAC-NY offers training for Peer Leaders and Master Trainers in Stanford Self-Management Programs.

Peer Leaders are workshop facilitators and do not train others; they are the most critical component of the self-management network workforce. To become a Peer Leader, you must complete a Peer Leader Training and satisfactorily facilitate two workshops within 12 months of completion of the training. For Partners delivering their programs under the QTAC-NY Stanford Self-Management Program license we encourage you to facilitate two workshops every 12 months, if trained in one program, or one workshop in each program, if trained in more than one. This level of delivery will help you to develop your skills as a Peer Leader.

Master Trainers are authorized to facilitate workshops. In addition, they are authorized to train Peer Leaders in accordance with their agreement with Stanford Patient Education Research Center guidelines. To be trained as a Master Trainer with QTAC-NY your organization must operate within NYS and be a Partner of QTAC-NY, you must complete a 4.5 day Master Training, co-facilitate at least two workshops within 12 months of completion of training and complete the QTAC-NY Master Trainer Agreement and the Stanford Patient Education Research Center Master Trainer Agreement and Certification. To remain certified, Master Trainers must conduct a Peer Leader training within 18 months of their original Master Training and demonstrate program and/or training delivery every year thereafter. For more information about the Stanford Self-Management Programs please visit the Stanford Patient Education Research Center.

QTAC-NY offers Peer Leader and Master Training in the following Stanford Self-Management Programs:

  • Chronic Disease Self-Management Program (CDSMP)
  • Tomando Control de su Salud
  • Diabetes Self-Management Program (DSMP)
  • Tomando Control de su Diabetes
  • Chronic Pain Self-Management Program (CPSMP)
  • Positive Self-Management Program (PSMP)
  • Cancer: Thriving and Surviving

Update Training serves to update Leaders and Trainers in significant program changes made by Stanford University. This training is usually one day in length (for peer leaders) or 3-hours via webinar for Master Trainers.

Cross Training is available for those who are already trained and active as Peer Leaders and wishing to be cross-trained in another Stanford Self-Management Programs. Specific eligibility requirements apply; please contact QTAC for details.

National Diabetes Prevention Program

A Lifestyle Coach for the National Diabetes Prevention Program provides support and guidance to participants seeking to make lifestyle changes over the course of this year long program to reduce their risk of developing type 2 diabetes. Trained Lifestyle Coaches facilitate workshops according the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) Diabetes Prevention Recognition Program (DPRP) standards and when partnered with QTAC-NY will receive ongoing support from QTAC Master Trainers as they develop their programs and facilitation skills. QTAC-NY is a CDC national training partner for NDPP Lifestyle Coaches and Master Trainers.

A two-day highly interactive live training assists trainees to develop and refine the facilitation skills needed for effective deliver of the lifestyle change program and work with diverse groups of participants. QTAC-NY can also deliver Lifestyle Coach training in Spanish. In some cases, Master Training is also available to Lifestyle Coaches with appropriate experience and organizational support.

To be a QTAC-authorized Lifestyle Coach, you must be working with an organization intending to seek, or having pending or full recognition through the CDC Diabetes Prevention Recognition Program (DPRP).

Specific eligibility requirements apply; pleasecontact QTAC for details.

Falls Prevention Program

QTAC-NY offers training in the A Matter of Balance Program for our Partners and can broker training for you in a number of other Falls Prevention Programs that we promote. For more information and training requirements contact QTAC-NY

Physical Activity Programs

QTAC-NY training for Active Living Every Day (ALED)and Active Choices involves a combination of self-study modules completed in advance and web based live training. For more information and training requirements contact QTAC-NY

See our Training Calendar for the latest schedule.