Walk With Ease

In this six-week, self-directed program, Walk With Ease participants safely increase physical activity levels. While walking for better health, improved fitness, and less pain, participants become knowledgeable and confident in taking action to ease health conditions and maintain overall fitness and quality of life.

The evidence and outcomes

The Arthritis Foundation developed Walk With Ease as a physical activity and self-management intervention for people living with arthritis and/or other chronic health conditions who want to become more physically active. The self-directed model improves arthritis symptoms and perceived control, balance, strength, and walking pace in individuals with arthritis.²

Participant Support

The Arthritis Foundation website has a range of online and other materials to help you get started. Please visit their website here.
Participants signing up for the program through our link at QTAC-NY will receive a copy of the Walk With Ease Guidebook, which provides information needed to complete the program independently. Additional resources are available online to guide participants through the program, including walking tips and tricks, video instruction for stretching, strengthening exercises, and message boards for communicating with other participants.

Delivering Walk With Ease Self-Directed with QTAC-NY

QTAC-NY offers facilitated enrollment training to QTAC-NY partners who wish to deliver Walk With Ease Self-Directed. Contact our offices to learn more.

²Callahan, L.F., et al. (2011), Evaluation of group and self-directed formats of the Arthritis Foundation’s Walk With Ease Program. Arthritis Care Res, 63: 1098–1107.