Active Living Every Day

In twelve weekly sessions lasting one hour each, these evidence-based workshops give practical and personalized ways for participants to become physically active in everyday life. In Active Living Every Day (ALED) workshops, participants set realistic goals, build confidence, stay motivated, and overcome barriers to physical activity.

The evidence and outcomes

ALED is based on the findings of Project Active, groundbreaking research conducted at Cooper Institute. Project Active was a two-year study comparing the effects of structured exercise with lifestyle physical activity. The study concluded that both interventions provided comparable increases in physical activity and cardiorespiratory fitness from baseline over 24 months as well as providing a useful alternative in helping people meet the public health recommendation for physical activity.(need reference) For more information:

Participants receive

Participants attend weekly one hour group meetings and receive a workbook and handouts to help them complete their work. For an additional fee, they also have access to the ALED online resources that provide supplemental tools and enhancements, including links to many activity-related topics.

Delivering Active Living Every Day with QTAC-NY

QTAC-NY offers ALED Facilitator training to trainees who work or volunteer with QTAC-NY partners. Contact our offices to learn more.