Living Healthy with High Blood Pressure

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Living Healthy with High Blood Pressure (LHHBP) is a 2.5 hour interactive session for people who have been diagnosed with hypertension, or high blood pressure. Participants of this workshop will learn how to better manage this condition.

The evidence and outcomes

Living Healthy with High Blood Pressure was developed at the Center for Excellence in Aging and Community Wellness, and piloted in the Capital Region of New York State. Data gathered on the session participants included knowledge of hypertension and utilization of lifestyle management activities as well as the voluntary collection of blood pressure at each session. Pre- and post- questionnaires were completed and indicated that knowledge of both hypertension and healthy lifestyle activities significantly increased. There were notable increases in participants’ monitoring blood pressure at home, smoking cessation, and following recommended eating plans. Finally, there were trends over time for lowered blood pressure readings for both systolic and diastolic scores with systolic reduction almost statistically significant. The majority of participants reported that the session proved to be very helpful; that they learned new ideas, and all said they would encourage others to complete the module.

A second round of pilot data was also gathered pre-session and seven weeks later from 2601 workshop participants and included five questions on knowledge of hypertension issues. On knowledge of hypertension there was an increase in correct answers from 2.93 to 4.34, a significant increase (p=.013) that included increases in correct answers for all questions and dramatic increases in knowledge of sodium allowances (from 25% to 87% correct) and strategies to reduce salt intake (from 45% to 77% correct).

The participants in this group were 77.5% female; 27% were African American, 57% were Hispanic/Latino and 9.5% were Caucasian; 51% were Spanish speaking.

Participants receive

  • Collaborative support in a group setting
  • Helpful handouts

Topics include: What is High Blood Pressure, Problems with Salt/Sodium Intake, and Knowing Your Numbers.

Delivering Active Living Every Day with QTAC-NY

QTAC-NY offers Living Healthy with High Blood Pressure training to active Stanford Self-Management Program Peer Leaders and Master Trainers. Contact our offices to learn more.

Quality Assurance

At QTAC-NY, we give our highest attention to the quality of the programs received by community participants. For each of the evidence-based programs that we support there are standard requirements necessary for quality, and proven, program delivery and outcomes.

Personnel-specific Requirements

LHHBP personnel-specific requirements include:

  • All LHHBP trainees must deliver a minimum of two 2.5 hour sessions in the 12 months following LHHBP training. In each consecutive year, to maintain certification as a QTAC Lifestyle Coach, be actively engaged in the delivery of at least one LHHBP session. QTAC requires the LHHBP leader to stay actively engaged in facilitating the LHHBP module. This means they are either facilitating or co-facilitating the session each year.
  • The trainee must be able to attend the entire ½ day training and complete all training activities.
  • The trainee must be able to commit to the required time for the session preparation and implementation.
  • The trainee must be capable and willing to record session data for each participant (attendance, consent, participant information survey, etc.) and submit it timely to Program Coordinator or other designated personnel for entry into QTAC-NY Compass (data management system).