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Introducing the QTAC Digest

We are pleased to announce the first publication of our new bi-weekly newsletter, the QTAC Digest. The QTAC Digest will serve as a platform for celebrating and recognizing the wonderful accomplishments of our statewide and national partners.

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Increasing Completion of CDSME Workshops

The National Council on Aging provides 7 strategies for increasing the rate of Chronic Disease Self-Management Education workshop completion.

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Join the Compass Physician Portal

Diabetes costs the US $300 billion a year. Physicians have a crucial role to play in Diabetes Prevention.

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Explore Our Programs

Learn more about the Evidence-Based and Research Tested Health Programs we support!

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Find Your Workshop

Use your zip-code to discover workshops in your area, and enroll today to get started!

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Compass by QTAC-NY

Learn more about Compass, our project and data management tool available to Partners of QTAC-NY.

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Partner With Us

Link your organization to an integrated, evidence-based, self-management prevention program network!

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Diabetes costs the US over $300 billion annually.

Compass is an easy and effective way to aid Physicians in Diabetes Prevention.

This short video outlines the problem that diabetes poses, and the solution that Compass provides.
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Why Evidence Based Health Programs Matter

Evidence-based programs encourage adults to take an active role in their health. All the programs QTAC-NY promotes are developed through research and proven to be successful. These programs support the prevention/self-management of chronic disease, healthy lifestyles, and fall prevention.

Stanford Self-Management Program

Learn skills needed in the day-to-day management of ongoing health conditions.

National Diabetes Prevention Program (NDPP)

Make small lifestyle changes to reduce your risk of developing type 2 diabetes.

Falls Prevention Programs

Workshops designed to help older adults reduce their risk for a fall.

Physical Activity Programs

Inspiration to help you increase your daily physical activity.

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